Richard Julian

"One of the best songwriters and record makers I've heard in a very long time." Randy Newman

“Richard just knocks me out. Some of the coolest, smartest and original music I've heard in years.” Bonnie Raitt

"...a voice as distinctive as a thumbprint...if only more songwriters - and more people - had his balance of wit and fortitude." Jim Farber/New York Daily News

"Julian is at his best in a live setting, where his words take on a delightfully vivid, three-dimensional life. But 'Good Life' shows that he can effectively channel and contain his work in concise, bite-sized pieces, too." Billboard

"This isn't a wallpaper album that you put on and do something else to. Julian makes you listen to his stories with his Zen-like, listen-if-you-want-to attitude. By the time he's singing "The Wrong Bus" (a story within a story), you want to." Dan Aquilante/New York Post

"In addition to the great music that he's made already, Richard Julian's got lots of good work ahead of him, and I always look forward to hearing it." Marshall Crenshaw

"Just when you thought rock and roll had lost its sense of irony, or at least the ability to recognize irony when it sees it, along comes Richard Julian...a mood swinging collection of gripping songs and well-placed instrumentation." Performing Songwriter


Richard Julian is a critically acclaimed songwriter and recording artist who resides both in Brooklyn and New Orleans. He has released six albums on major and independent labels and is also widely recognized as a member of The Little Willies, a country side-project featuring Norah Jones and Jim Camplilongo.

His most recent release, Girls Need Attention further establishes Julian as one of the most potent and prolific songwriters recording today. The album features stellar accompaniment from Nels Cline (Wilco) on guitar & Jolie Holland on box fiddle, augmenting the already well-honed trio of Julian, (guitar) Tim Luntzel (bass) & Dan Rieser (drums). Spare flourishes of brass and wind delicately weave in and out of the arrangements with Marcus Rojas on tuba), and Doug Wieselman on bass clarinet.

When asked for a reference point for his style, the songwriter might mention filmmaker Alexander Payne (Sideways, Election) just as soon as he would mention other musicians. Julian’s screenplay-worthy craftsmanship is a skill that’s earned him entrance to a mutual admiration society that includes artists like Randy Newman, Norah Jones and Bonnie Raitt.

Currently, Richard debates the merits of living in The Bywater vs Brooklyn, plays Santa Cruz guitars, and loves good tequila.


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